Migrations – Digital Re-Release

My debut album Migrations will be re-released on May 19, 2017 and will be available on all the online stores again, including iTunes, Apple Store, Spotify, Amazon Music etc.

There is a poetry, a grace and a lightness of touch to his compositions, and although there is, like Deaf Center and Marsen Jules, a leaning towards electronic production methods ‘Migrations’ is a far cry from the electronic tomfoolery we were threatened with five years ago. This album is indicative of a great change in the way electronic music is being made, a change which allows producers to use the technology now available without necessarily getting caught up and eventually shackled by it. Indeed Errante seems to have just as much love for Steve Reich and Arvo Part as for more contemporary producers, and with tracks such as ‘Wheels’ there is a sense that he has had a musical grounding which far outstrips many of his more electronically minded peers. As you’ve probably guessed we’ve been totally won over by this debut, it’s one of those albums I can imagine going back to again and again, an engrossing record which will supply you with an untapped wealth of warmth and sonic innovation. Fans of Marsen Jules, Arvo Part or Deaf Center should investigate immediately.





Track List:

01 rugiada
02 nubes
03 wheels
04 sogno
05 calabria
06 migrations
07 terra
08 waltzing chiara