New collaboration in progress: Bruno Sanfilippo

I’m very happy to announce a new collaboration with Pianist Bruno Sanfilippo, based in Barcelona. I knew Bruno through his Piano Textures album series.  Then I saw him playing in Italy a few months ago and I met him in person. I loved his performance. Despite his high technical skills, Bruno aims to transmit emotions through the sound of every single note, cluster or chord. However, this is a seeming simplification, because what may appear static in his music is acually in a constant, complex movement. In his live performance there are not a few passages that leave the listener breathless. We are working on some tracks that we will collect in an album and we are both very happy with the results we are getting. We currently have about 25 minutes of pure aesthetic pleasure ready and we are working on the tracks that will complete the album.

This will be a great work from Napoli and Barcelona, the two sisters cities.