Emanuele Errante is one of the pioneers of the Netaudio scene in Italy, with his netlabel OpenLab Records. He created the first ever online festival (NetstockFest), where artists and listeners from all over the world shared the same virtual venue for 3 days of non-stop music. He composed five solo albums (“Migrations”, “Humus”, “Time Elapsing Handheld”, "The Evanescence of a Thousand Colors", "Ths World") and 5 collaborative albums (“Out and About”  with Enrico Coniglio and Elisa Marzorati , “The North Green Down” with Dakota Suite, “ELEM EP” with ELEM’s quartet, "Godere Operaio" with ELEM and "What Matters Most" with Dakota Suite and Dag Rosenqvist). He is also co-author of the song “I Miss You” by Stefano Panunzi featuring stellar artists like Mick Karn and Andrea Chimenti. Emanuele's compositions are mainly based on the research for the right balance between acoustic instruments and electronic sounds, wisely manipulated in deeply introspective sound environments.

Main Facts:

2004 – Netrelease for the album “Stand”, under the moniker of Mais, by the Swiss netlabel Maetrixsolution, whose owner was Pete Leuenberger (Mathon)

2004 – Netrelease for the EP “Shaved” by UZO (Emanuele Errante, Saverio Carpine) on the netlabel Lacedmilk

2005 – Netrelease for “Absolute EP” by Maetrixsolution. First time under my own name and very first ambient tracks

2005 – Hefty Records Action Night (Naples, Italy) live with L’Altra and

2005 – Lab30 Festival (Augsburg, Germany) with Khonnor, Lackluster, Marsen Jules, Ulrich Schnauss, Xela, A&E

2006 – Debut album “Migrations” released by the Canadian label Apegenine Recordings. The CD contains an additional video track by Mattia Casalegno.

2006 – Interferenze Festival (San Martino Valle Caudina, Italy) with Biosphere, Tape, Deaf Center, AGF, Vladislav Delay, Deadbeat, Andy Vaz, Visuals by Mattia Casalegno.

2007 – Live with Tim Hecker at Santarcangelo Festival. Visuals by Mattia Casalegno (Santarcangelo di Romagna, Italy)

2008 – “Humus” is released by the US label Somnia, created by Evan Bartholomew (Bluetech)

2009 – Coauthor of the track “I Miss You” for Stefano Panunzi‘s album “A Rose”, featuring Mick Karn and Andrea Chimenti

2010 – Live at Teatro Gnomo in Milan (Italy) dedicated to the Tarkovskij’s masterpiece Nostalghia

2010 – Netrelease of the album “Gouache” on the netlabel Laverna

2010 – Herion (Emanuele Errante, Enrico Coniglio, Elisa Marzorati) album “Out&About” is released by the historical US label Hypnos

2010 – Live with Murcof at Flussi (Avellino, Italy)

2010 – Video of “Dorian's Mirror”, from the album "Time Elapsing Handheld", released. The video is by the French artist Mélanie Skriabine.

2011 – Live with Vladislav Delay at Marte Mediateca (Cava de’ Tirreni, Italy)

2011 – Dakota Suite and Emanuele ErranteThe North Green Down” album is released by the German label Karaoke Kalk

2011 – Third album “Time Elapsing Handheld” is released by the German label Karaoke Kalk. The second track of the album features Simon Scott (Slowdive’s drummer)

2011 – Live with Fabio Orsi at Madame Claude (Berlin, Germany). Visuals by Angelo La Pietra recorded at the “Temple of Echo” in Baia (Italy)

2011 – Live at Les Digitales Festival in Bern and Zurich, Switzerland. Visuals by Angelo La Pietra recorded at the “Temple of Echo” in Baia (Italy)

2012 – Resident artist for the project “In Limina Orbis” by Leandro Pisano, a sound research and an aesthetic, non-conventional view of the Phlegraean Fields in Italy.

2012 – The electronic music band ELEM (Emanuele Errante, Marco Messina, Fabrizio Elvetico, Loredana Antonelli) moves the first steps. The band will play several livesets in different cities in Italy and abroad.

2014 – “Oxg” from the Herion’s album “Out&About” is chosen by the filmaker Temujin Doran for the soundtrack of his documentary “Welcome to Union Glacier” about the Antarctic summer

2015 – “ELEM EP” is released by the Italian label Elastica Records

2016 – “The North Green Down” album is re-released on vinyl by the German label Karaoke Kalk

2016 – After recording most of the tracks of the new ELEM’s album “Godere Operaio”, I leave the band to follow up with my own project(s) again

2017 – “Migrations” is re-released by main digital stores around the globe

2018 – The album “Godere Operaio” by the ELEM collective is released by Mahana Bay Label

2018 – Filmmaker Tomasz Cichawa chooses “Beverello” (from my netalbum Gouache) for his film “”Places where We Appear” soundtrack

2018 – The album “What Matters most” by Dakota Suite, Dag Rosenqvist and Emanuele Errante is released by Karaoke Kalk

2018 – The album “The Evanescence of a Thousand Colors” is released by Karaoke Kalk

2018 – The video of “Beauty”, by Tomasz Cichawa, taken from the album "The Evanescence of a Thousand Colors", is released.

2019 – The album “This World” is released by WhiteLab