New collaboration in progress: Bruno Sanfilippo

I’m very happy to announce a new collaboration with Pianist Bruno Sanfilippo, based in Barcelona. I knew Bruno through his Piano Textures album series.  Then I saw him playing in Italy a few months ago and I met him in person. I loved his performance. Despite his high technical skills, Bruno aims to transmit emotions […]

Migrations – Digital Re-Release

My debut album Migrations will be re-released on May 19, 2017 and will be available on all the online stores again, including iTunes, Apple Store, Spotify, Amazon Music etc. There is a poetry, a grace and a lightness of touch to his compositions, and although there is, like Deaf Center and […]

The Indestructibility of the Already Felled

2017 will see me involved in several projects. To one of these I am particularly fond of. A new album with Dakota Suite will be released by this year, but this time there will be two other artists involved: Dag Rosenqvist and Machinefabriek. The album will be called “The Indestructibility of the Already […]

Back to Here

After having held for many years a website that I used to update diligently, I was deceived, like everyone, by the appeal of social networks and I abandoned it, believing that people would have all referred only to Mark Zuckerberg’s galaxy or to the digital little birds tweetings. Reawakened from the […]